Interview in The Guardian: Anorexia affected the whole family [read]

“This is a brave book from an astoundingly talented new voice.”
Stylist Magazine  [full text]

Lighter Than My Shadow is gripping, thanks to its honesty and its disjunction between traumatic subject matter and sometimes childlike artwork”
The Guardian [full text]

“It’s universal yet specific and those together make such strong medicine. Wow.”
Joss Whedon

“Conveying the overwhelming claustrophobia of her eating disorder while still showing a light at the end of the tunnel for people in a similar situation, this is incredible.”
Waterstone’s Blog [full text]

“This is a huge novel with beautiful illustrative nuances…a fantastic debut that although deeply personal, explores universal themes of growing up and femininity as well as being just a beautiful book to own. It shows how powerful the graphic novel can be…”
Culturefly [full text]

“It’s quite simply one of the greatest, certainly the most impressive and fully-formed, début comic works I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading…It’s a truly remarkable work, a memoir so powerful and affecting, a study of absolute desperation and a shining light of hope to any who suffer from similar.”
Richard Bruton for Forbidden Planet [full text]

“A brave and inspiring story, beautifully told.”
For Books’ Sake [full text]

“This heart-breaking, endearing and painfully honest depiction of a girl fighting against herself to survive makes for a truly amazing graphic memoir.”
We Love This Book [full text]

“It is a raw, vulnerable and honest account that is very difficult to put down.”
The Student Newspaper [full text]

“The childishly innocent style of Katie Green’s drawings prove the perfect medium through which to tell the story of her lifelong struggle with [eating disorders]. A brilliantly moving book.”
Bella magazine